Keep your drivers moving with instant communication from any device.

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Poor communication between drivers and dispatch costs you time and money.

RoadMail makes communicating with your fleet easy as sending email.

ExpressLane Data's RoadMail solution provides reliable, 2-way, in-cab communications to and from any valid email address.

Dispatching. Easy after-hours communication. Integrate with third-party services.

Omnitracs compatible

Works with any Omnitracs in-cab displays.


Easily provide 24hour dispatch by forwarding after-hours truck messages to your phone.


Increase border-crossing efficiency by sending Manifest status alerts directly to trucks.

Status Updates

Automated status updates emailed directly to dispatch.

Fuel PIN

Streamline fuel PIN requests.

Maintenance Requests

Quickly respond to maintenance requests.

Reduce dangerous phone usage

Give drivers a safe alternative to texting family on their cell phone.

Cleared Load messages

Provide in-cab email alerts directly to the driver once a load has been cleared by customs.

How RoadMail Works.

1. Write your email

You can send any email message directly to a truck unit.

Simply open outlook or any other email program, and write your email.

2. Send to

We set up a special email address for each unit in your fleet.

For example, if your company code is acme and you want to message truck 102, then send your email to:

3. Message received!

The email will appear on the driver's unit as a free-form macro.

They can reply and send other macros that will be delivered back to you as emails.

Start Your Free 60 Day Trial

We are so convinced you'll find this service indispensable after you try it, we are offering a 60 day free trial. After the trial XLD RoadMail only costs $3 per truck per month. No contracts. Cancel anytime.

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